Performance Management

Outcomes measures framework development project

The guidance for the Children and Young People Plans as set out in Shared Planning for Better Outcomes (WAG 2007) is currently being supplemented by interim guidance and will be issued as final guidance in December 2010.

The interim guidance points calls for the use of an ‘outcomes based accountability’ approach.  The Welsh Assembly Government is currently developing an Outcomes Measure Framework (OMF) which will identify a set of data measures that demonstrates the population differences for children and young people within a children and young people partnership area. It will be structured to reflect the UNCRC as summarised in the seven core aims.

The OMF will consist of high level measures on which all Plans must report, and groups of additional measures from which selection can be made in measuring performance against local priorities. It is intended that once fully developed, the Framework will enable the Assembly Government to report on performance in implementing children’s rights in Wales. The OMF will form part of a coherent structure that supports performance management across national and local service delivery, programmes and projects that impact on children and young people and their families.

This will be consistent with the eventual move to Outcome Agreements across public services. These should form the basis of a new relationship between WAG and local government, whereby greater ‘earned’ flexibilities on spending are balanced by accountabilities through agreements on key outcomes.

The OMF will complement national initiatives that aim to improve performance management and provider accountability, including:

  • the IDeAS programme (Welsh Assembly Government) its strategic outcome objectives and ‘dashboard’ requirements;
  • development of a coherent system for performance measurement and regulation of public services;
  • development of local authority-wide outcome agreements;
  • implementation of the Child and Families Measure to alleviate child poverty and its 12 broad aims;
  • development of a Wales Plan for Children and Young People; and
  • the Schools Effectiveness Framework which incorporates a national purpose for schools and reflects international research and thinking on effective schools, contextualised to reflect WAG policies and priorities for children and young people.

The first version of the OMF will be based substantially on current measures and will draw on routinely collected survey and administrative data, including data sets out of the Children and Young People Well-Being Monitor, the first Children and Young People’s Plans and key performance indicators for local government.

The majority of current measures focus on performance and service availability and ambitions rather than population level outcomes. The OMF will focus on population accountability, including performance accountability measures where these are deemed appropriate. The project outputs will therefore include tasks for further action, including the development of measures of population outcomes that can be gathered at a local level.

For more information on the OMF contact Jo Trott : Welsh Assembly Government : Jo.Trott@Wales.GSI.Gov.UK