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All of the resources in this section have been taken from the Blast Off Guides, a series of good practice guides produced by the Participation Unit, and based on the experiences of participation workers in Wales. There are currently 9 good practice guides, with more planned in the future, and topics range from introducing participation to focusing in on participation in particular forms and environments. You can find out more, and download the guides below or visit the Participation Workers Network in Wales website

National Children and Young People's Participation Standards for Wales

The Participation Standards are based on the core principles of participation and approved by young people. They are available to download below or at the new  Participation Standards website:

The Standards website has been specifically designed to help practitioners, policy makers and managers measure the process and the impact of children and young people's participation using the National Children and Young People’s Participation Standards for Wales and the Impact Assessment Framework.

The National Children and Young People's Participation Standards help organisations measure and improve the quality of the process of children and young people's participation. The site aims to support you through the steps you need to take before, during and after completing a self-assessment form that helps you ascertain how well your current participatory practice is doing against the National Children and Young People’s Participation Standards for Wales.

A series of sector specific briefings on duties to promote participation are also available from the Participation Consortium website pages here.

The Children and Families (Wales) Measure

The Children and Families (Wales) Measure 2010 makes statutory provision to take forward the Welsh Assembly Government’s commitment in terms of child poverty, and to take forward its strategy for vulnerable children by creating legislation to provide greater support to families where children may be at risk, and strengthened regulatory enforcement in children settings.

Focusing on play and participation, Part 4 of the ‘Measure’ seeks to strengthen these elements of the Children and Young People’s plans by requiring that local authorities secure ‘sufficient’ play opportunities for children, following the completion of a ‘play sufficiency assessment’. Authorities will also be required to ensure participation of children in decisions of the authority which affect them, and are likely to be delivered via existing mechanisms such as youth councils, Core Aim 5 priorities within Children and Young People’s plans and existing consultative mechanisms implemented as part of the Corporate Parenting agenda within authorities.
This duty also reflects the Assembly Government’s Commitment to the UNCRC, in particular Article 12 that a child is given the right to freely express views on all matters that affect them and will require Local Authorities to publish and keep up to date information about arrangements for participation.